Butterfly gold plated tie chain with earrings


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Discover our exquisite Gold-Plated Butterfly Tie Chain with Matching Earrings Set at Sharvika Jewls. This set combines grace, charm, and elegance, making it a perfect accessory for various occasions.

Set Highlights:

  1. Design:
    • The Gold-Plated Butterfly Tie Chain and Earrings Set features a delicate and intricately designed butterfly motif. The butterfly design represents beauty, transformation, and grace.
  2. Material:
    • Crafted from high-quality base metals, the set is plated with a layer of gold to achieve a radiant finish and emulate the look of real gold.
  3. Tie Chain:
    • The tie chain showcases the butterfly motif and adds a touch of sophistication to your attire. It is designed to complement a variety of outfits and styles.
  4. Earrings:
    • The matching earrings feature the same butterfly design, providing a cohesive and elegant look when paired with the tie chain.
  5. Occasions:
    • This set is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Whether it’s a business meeting or a social gathering, the Gold-Plated Butterfly Tie Chain and Earrings Set will enhance your style.
  6. Size:
    • The tie chain is designed for a standard tie width and provides a secure and stylish way to accent your tie.
    • The earrings are of a medium size, perfect for adding a subtle statement to your overall look.
  7. Affordability:
    • We offer this elegant set at a competitive price, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and style of gold without a hefty investment.


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